Criminal Law and Juvenile Law

When faced with prosecution, an individual faces a tremendous risk of losing his or her freedom. Also, the potential costs involved in securing a defense can be significant. These risks are compounded when the accused is physically, emotionally and/or developmentally disabled.

At the Law Offices of Angela L. Gilmartin, we offer consultation and representation to adult defendants and juveniles with mental and or developmental disabilities who are accused of crimes ranging from infractions, misdemeanors to serious felonies. In order to effectively provide representation, we rely upon knowledge and expertise not possessed by many lawyers in areas such as mental competency, diversion and alternative dispositions.

We seek to promote equal access to the criminal justice system and focus on the treatment of the defendant's or minor's disability, instead of simply punishing the disability's manifestations. We aim to identify interventions that will enable the accused to obtain and maintain treatment during and after criminal or juvenile proceedings, thus minimizing recidivism or future occurrences of contacts with the criminal justice system.

We also strive to ensure that appropriate governmental entities and private agencies assume responsibility and provide the treatment and services they are obligated or have agreed to provide.